Kauzo is the expression of culture, work and the nobility of our vineyards in a wine.

Our phylosophy is sustained by 4 pilars

Shared Passion

We are a group of friends with great passion for wine, united by this dream after an extensive tour of the world and each bringing our own unique wine experiences.


All our actions are based on taking care of our environment and social and economic develop- ment in our area of influence. In this way we want to achieve a culture that is spreading in the present and will transmit to future generations.

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Terroir Expressions

We produce high quality wines that faithfully reflect the terrior of its vineyards. The spirit of Kauzo Estates reflects the quality of our wines, seeking the maximum expression of terroir. Adding commitment to the environment and society.

Vocation of Excellence

The best wine is always to be done. That is why we nourish our knowledge tirelessly through research, learning and experience.

Gustavo Arnold Signature

— Gustavo Arnold —

Our Wineries


Looking for complexity and simplicity at the same time, perfect for simple moments with friends and with the level of complexity to be perfect companions of a meal, expressive game of varietals together in a wine.

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Creating young and modern varietals, being the true expression of Los Andes wines.

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Single vineyard planted in 1910. They represent the elegance and history of Malbec.

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